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PRO-TECH currently uses TELDIG software with a TELDIG Mobile module in the field by our technical team. This allows our office personnel and locate technicians to manage and complete locates with a very high level of efficiency by utilizing the latest in real time technology.


TELDIG is the Software of choice by Ontario One call and our customers


The advantages of using TELDIG are:

1. May use one transmission to locate several utilities

2. Better management of regions and sub regions

3. Able to manage multiple area codes

4. System built by modules which gives it more flexibility

5. Tickets sent by different types of media: fax, e-mail, internet, etc.

6. Multilingual program

7. Allows input from any one call system or center within Canada or the USA

8. Minimize administration cost


PRO-TECH’s locate technicians are versatile in various mediums such as coaxial cable and fiber optic cables in the Telecommunication environment.


On private property, PRO-TECH will perform locates for all underground facilities or work with the property owner and arrange for locates to protect all these facilities that are underground.


Private locates for P.U.C.C complete with survey and drawings.

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